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Good Old Toys for sale, including a Marx State Fair pinball game, an Ideal Evel Knievel stunt & crash car, Ideal battle action sniper post playset, a planet of the apes record album,and a Mattel Farmer in the Dell tin toy with box.
Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning
Matchbox, Beatles, John Lennon stamps
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Tin litho friction drive 1915 Ford, 7" long, brown with red seats and black on bottom.  Made in Japan, probably from the 60's.  Fair condition overall.  Front roof edge has some chips in paint. Plastic wheels.  Right front wheel has breaks in some of the outer spoke edges Hood shows some evidence of metal corrosion under the paint.  Nice red, yellow, black, and white tin litho interior Price $30.00
This site was last updated on: November 18, 2018
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Marx State Fair pinball game, box view
Marx Deluxe State Fair Bagatelle Pinball Game.  About 24.5" tall and 12" wide.  Complete with all parts including tail.  The colorful old graphics on this one make it nice for a display, and it's fun to play too!    Has two small cracks in the top plastic cover that don't stand out much, and they are symmetrically located about 6" below the top of game.  Wire 'standard' elevation support still present, and bottom metal plate of game shows no corrosion. Still has original box, with some discoloration as shown.  Price $75.00
Welcome to Good Old Toys!  We've got a variety of collectible toys and other items for sale, mostly from the 60's along with a few newer and older items.  Browse around and you might  find some things you just must have.  Most of all, have fun!
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1915 Ford tin litho car from Japan
PIC#2    PIC#3    PIC#4
Planet of the Apes LP record
Planet of the Apes LP record, 1975. This album contains 4 stories including 'Mountain of the Delphi', 'Battle of Two Kings', 'Dawn of the Tree People', and 'Volcano'. Album cover has edge and corner wear as shown. Missing paper sleeve. Record looks unscratched. Price $22.00
Back View POTA Album
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Evel Knievel Stunt & Crash Car, Ideal, 1974.  Includes 2-piece launcher 'energizer' that attaches to car.  Crank wheel to rev car, then release car to do daredevil jumps, balancing stunts, and crash-apart finale.  Missing Evel Knievel figure.  Box measures 19"x9.5"x4.5".
Price $125.00
Ideal Evel Knievel Stunt & Crash Car box view
Box end View

Launcher View
Ideal Evel Knievel Stunt & Crash Car view
Ideal Evel Knievel Stunt & Crash Car right side view
Ideal Battle Action Sniper Post Playset, 1965.  This is one of the most desireable and hardest to find of the hard to find Ideal Battle Action playsets.  Soldiers pop up behind parapet and open fire with realistic sound.  They drop for cover, spring up again and keep firing.  Spring motor operated, with no batteries required.  Includes colorfully factory painted display base, palm trees, 5 fighting men, instruction sheet, and another piece of paperwork that came with the toy.  Complete with display window box measuring 19.5" x ~10" deep x 10.75" high.  Box top has some creased areas in center.  Missing top clear window plastic, and front window has a section torn away yet is still present. Would be easy to restore clear plastic windows.  Sold.
Ideal Battle Action Sniper Post Playset
Ideal Battle Action Sniper Post, back view
Ideal Battle Action Sniper Post display
Ideal Battle Action Sniper Post display, rear view
Ideal Battle Action Sniper Post Instruction Sheets
Marx State Fair pinball game bagatelle
Marx State Fair pinball game, upper portion view
Marx State Fair pinball game, lower portion view
More items yet to be listed can be found by clicking here in the 'old toys' section.  Photos upon request.  See our frequently updated Ebay Listings Here for many vintage toys and slot car items.
Mattel Farmer in the Dell 1954 tin toy. This old toy looks good and has no rust, however it doesn't play music or turn the turnstyle when you crank the handle.  Comes with the original box in very nice shape, which is the hardest part of this toy to find.
Price $175.00
Mattel Farmer in the Dell toy from 1954 with box
Mattel Farmer in the Dell toy
Mattel Farmer in the Dell farmer, wife, child, cat, rat, and cheese
PIC#3  PIC#4   PIC#5   PIC#6   PIC#8   PIC#9   PIC#10
Mattel Farmer in the Dell box view
Magic Cabin
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